Valle Isarco / Eisacktal, Alto Adige

Tourist Boards


Valley Funes / Villnösser Tal - Peterweg, 10

Telephone: (+39) 0472840180

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings, get some rest and admire the "pale mountains". The Odle/Geisler mountains are the famous landmark: with their prominent peaks they "crown" the valley. The best way to explore the Dolomites of Val di Funes is by walking and...

Bressanone / Brixen - Viale Ratisbona / Regensburger Allee, 9

Telephone: (+39) 0472275252

Brixen as the oldest city of Tyrol is a crossroads of cultures and lifestyles. Mediterranean in summer and Alpine in winter.

Chiusa / Klausen - Piazza Mercato / Marktplatz, 1

Telephone: (+39) 0472847424

The wine, chestnut and adventure region of Klausen, Barbian, Feldthurns and Villanders is located precisely in the centre of South Tyrol. From here you can reach the most beautiful excursion destinations easily and quickly.

Vipiteno / Sterzing - Piazza Città / Stadtplatz, 3

Telephone: (+39) 0472765325

Vipiteno/Sterzing existed already in the roman age as road fortress of the Roman Empire under the name Vipitenum. The town was officially mentioned in 1180 the first time. The earl of Tirol Meinhard II assigned to Vipiteno/Sterzing the right to be called...

Rio di Pusteria / Mühlbach - Via Katharina Lanz, 90

Telephone: (+39) 0472886048

Green pastures stretch under a deep blue sky. The varied natural landscape is dressed in intense colours, guarded by the majestic grey peaks. Characteristic, lively and exciting: so this region shows itself to its guests.

Laion / Lajen - Via W. v. d. Vogelweide / W. v. d. Vogelweide-Strasse, 30/B

Telephone: (+39) 0471655633

Lajen/Laion is the perfect place for a vacation. It is located directly at the entrance to Val Gardena on a sunny plateau with views of the Dolomites, the Sella, Sassolungo and Sciliar.

Rodengo / Rodeneck - Villa, 3/A

Telephone: (+39) 0472454044

Welcome in Rodeneck! Medieval flair and untouched nature. That’s the way how Rodeneck looks like...

Luson / Lüsen - Vicolo Paese / Dorfgasse, 19

Telephone: (+39) 0472413750

South Tyrol and the Dolomites right at your feet Due to its location at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, during the summer Lüsen offers a very enjoyable mountain sun and sky far into the evening. Hiking in Lüsen in the Eisack Valley is a...

Naz / Natz - Via Oberbrunnergasse, 1

Telephone: (+39) 0472415020

Colle Isarco / Gossensass - Piazza Ibsen, 2

Telephone: (+39) 0472632372

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