Valle Isarco / Eisacktal, Alto Adige



Campo di Trens / Freienfeld - Mules / Mauls, 10

Three Gault-Millau merits and two michelin stars! The secret of taste lies within the products that are used: preferably regional from nearby producers or from the own farm. This is the art of cooking, celebrated by award-winning haute cuisine chef Peter...

Bressanone / Brixen - Via dei Vigneti / Weinbergstrasse, 68

AO, Simon and Levin's restaurant: good food, good wine, good living - let love and ease envelop you. Simon and Levin are the masters of ceremony, providing healthy creative cuisine based on carefully selected ingredients.

Varna - Novacella - Via Pusteria / Pustertalerstrasse, 6

Life is a pleasure. Every creation from our kitchen is an experience in itself. Good food is all part and parcel of a happy life and the same applies to your stay with us.

Velturno / Feldthurns - Via Josef Telser / Josef-Telser-Strasse, 2

Welcome at Taubers Unterwirt restaurant, where particular importance is destined to fine cuisine for generations. Franz Tauber has always had a special relation to oenology and viticulture and is a certified sommelier.

Campo di Trens / Freienfeld - Mules / Mauls, 10

The Gasthofstube is a vital part of the Gourmet Hotel: Typical Tyrolean recipes, Mediterranean secrets and the crisp freshness of South Tyrol's mountains are combined by chef Peter Girtler to a one-of-a-kind experience.

Valley Funes / Villnösser Tal - S. Giacomo / St. Jakob, 20

The traditional Alpine cuisine is very popular for hikers and mountain bikers who like to take a break at this place. This snack station is open from April to the end of November and the owners would be happy to spoil you with specialties typical of the...

Villandro / Villanders - Vicolo F. v. Defregger / F.-v.-Defreggergasse, 14

The restaurant in Villanders: dine like the nobles of old! Guests are more than welcome to indulge themselves between the romantic medieval walls of the historic Steinbock Manor in their dreams, with delicious food and with fine wines.

Chiusa / Klausen - Via Conciatori / Gerbergasse, 24

The Restaurant and Pizzeria Torgglkeller is located in the center of Chiusa, near the Sabiona Abbey and directly on the famous chestnuts way (Kestenweg).

Vipiteno / Sterzing - Via Brennero, 42

Let us spoil you with culinary delights, a delicious combination of local and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition you can enjoy a glass of good wine.

Rasa / Raas - Via Michael Pacher / Michael Pacher Strasse, 36

The pizzeria Sylvanerhof spoils you with its delicious italian pizzas, prepared by pizza chef Herbert. Enjoy the sunset on the terrace with view on the Karspitz and the Radlsee and try the different pizzas of the house, or have a seat in the Sylvaner bar and...

Barbiano / Barbian - Via Aichner / Aichnerweg, 2

Vipiteno / Sterzing - Novale, 20

The restaurant has three Tiroler Stuben from 1908 and invites you to enjoy traditional dishes using local seasonal products, prepared by the host Steurer Georg. Pasta and desserts are home-made and you can enjoy a glass of South Tyrolean wine.

Barbiano / Barbian - Via Rosengarten / Rosengartenstrasse, 27

The pizzeria Kirchler Sepp offers delicious, in a wood oven cooked pizzas. Over 40 pizzas are available. You get spoiled as well with fresh crisp salads from our garden. Many other regional culinary highlights will delight your stay: South Tyrolean bacon,...

Chiusa / Klausen - Gudon / Gufidaun, 69

Vipiteno / Sterzing - Tunes, 68

Vipiteno / Sterzing - Via Città Nuova / Neustadt, 4

Varna - Novacella - Via Pusteria / Pustertalerstrasse, 3

Vipiteno / Sterzing - Via della Commenda / Deutschhausstrasse, 20

Vipiteno / Sterzing - Citta Nuova / Neustadt, 49

Villandro / Villanders - Via Schguani / Schguaninstrasse, 43

Bressanone / Brixen - Elvas, 3

Varna / Vahrn - Unterrain, 8 - Neustift

Naz / Natz - Via Schlossergasse / Schlossergasse, 10

Racines / Ratschings - Racines di Dentro / Innerratschings, 26

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